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Oils and Champagne


A long drive out to the west end of town.....jammin' music and good vibes all the way.

A fabulous conversation with loads of laughter.

Champagne, Oui - the finest champagne - cool, wet, and sparkling.

A room hidden.....opening wide having no doors yet nearly unnoticeable.

Dimly lighted, sparsely furnished with little more than the oil paintings on the walls.

Oils of passion.

Eyes filled with passion.

A heart tormented by truth.

One woman with one eternal destiny.

Love without merci.

Malice without hate.

Desire and impulse alive as one.

Eyes to remember.

Eyes to never forget.

Eyes of a spirit so sincere.

Eyes glistening with tears of emotion.

Eyes of the artiste and her passion.

Oils rendering forth the heart of woman.

Oils flowing from the soul of the artiste. 


Carol Alt - artiste extaordinaire.

Thank You, more than you'll ever know, for being You. Your heart is ever with me.

- Dr. XI Lee



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