House of XI. House Band   Lyrics and Music                             "CHILDREN"




"Sang Royale"
© Written and Performed by Children®
{This Five Strings and a Candle Magic Recco performance was recorded
 May 31, 2006 during the house of XI Accolade at Garden of the Gods, Colorado)
the melodies of this song are XIan Phonetic!


Lonely night

Moon is full

Stars are bright

My heart is too


Girl appeared out of her hand

Sang to me the Royal Chant

Royal Deeds  Royal Love

Royal Keys  Royal Blood


Blood of XI stands in me

Does it stand in you

Does it stand in we

Does it stand in her

Does it stand in rage

Does it stand in us

Does it stand in cages

Does it stand in truth

Like the holy grail

Does it stand in strength

Amidst the gates of Hel


See your hand before your face

Search for souls  Search for traces

Answers in the dark  Your Blood light

We are the last of our Blood kind


Sang Royale

Know your own

Its in your heart

Its in your bone


Sang Royale

In your eyes

Look to heaven



Sang Royale

Call your own

Call to you

Call you home


Walk the rows

You and I

Grow our corn

Up to the sky.


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© Written and Performed by Children®


House of XI House Band
Walk The Rows

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